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MacAdvocate CD-ROM is a time capsule of Apple propaganda

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A CD full of timeless Apple propaganda offers a glimpse of Apple's marketing efforts.

Splatf MacAdvocate
Splatf MacAdvocate

What better way to clue the unwashed masses in on the virtues of the Apple ecosystem than handing out free CDs? Behold, the MacAdvocate CD-ROM; released in the halcyon days of 1997, the CD was free to anyone who requested one. Technology writer Dan Frommer unearthed one of his own copies, and is sharing screenshots of the trove of information and propaganda that lurks therein.

The CD is a timeless trip down memory lane, coupling up meme-worthy stock photography with low-resolution QuickTime videos and slides touting Apple's superior ease of use. Despite the decade that has elapsed since the CD first encouraged Mac-fans to proselytize their favored computing platform, the messaging is gleefully consistent: millions of users taking advantage of the Mac's multimedia prowess and powerful hardware can't be wrong. "You just can't imagine how quickly my Power Mac 8500 renders the images I create" reads one slide, accompanied by a smiling stock photography model. And celebrities (like Spike Lee and Bill Gates) love it too! Check out Dan Frommer's gallery for a glimpse at Apple's proud past.