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Apple eases water damage restrictions for iPhone trade-in program

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iphone 5s stock
iphone 5s stock

For those out there with slightly waterlogged iPhones looking to trade up for a better device, Apple has given you some recourse. 9to5Mac reports reports that Apple Stores will soon start accepting water-damaged iPhones as part of its "Reuse and Recycle" trade-in program. Apple has confirmed to The Verge that when an old iPhone is taken to trade in for a new one at a retail location, the company will no longer immediately reject it if the liquid contact indicator reads positive.

Previously, Apple would not accept iPhones whose liquid contact indicators — stickers that change color when they get wet — had been activated, making them worthless for trade-ins. However, just because the policy has been relaxed doesn’t mean that Apple will take anything. 9to5Mac notes that If the phones show signs of corrosion or water underneath the screen, the device still won’t be accepted.