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Apple's share of mobile market grows to over 40 percent, but Samsung also shows momentum

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According to new figures from comScore, 40.6 percent of US smartphone subscribers are using iPhones. In the three month period that concluded September 30th, Apple's share grew by 0.7 percentage points from where it stood in June. The company launched two new iPhone models on September 20th, and the ensuing ten days of sales likely helped boost Apple's position some. Still, the jump wasn't enough to put a dent in Android's commanding lead: Google's OS is running on 51.8 percent of smartphones used by consumers in the US. That's actually a slight (0.2 points) dip compared with Android's standing in the prior three-month period, when it enjoyed an even 52 percent share.

BlackBerry's customer base continues to dwindle; only 3.8 of US smartphone subscribers are carrying a BlackBerry device according to comScore. And while Microsoft has claimed that Windows Phone is in third place when it comes to a healthy app ecosystem, it remains only the fourth most popular OS in America.

As for the most popular hardware manufacturers, Apple's 40.6 percent share still dominates the field — for now. Samsung jumped up by 1.2 percentage points and now holds a 24.9 percent stake in US mobile devices. That doesn't even include the Galaxy Note 3, which launch until October on most major carriers. In all, comScore says 147.9 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones when its latest figures were taken, up 4.5 percent since June.