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Jailbreak team Evasi0n drops Chinese app store Taig after backlash

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Jailbreak lede
Jailbreak lede

Evasi0n has reversed course after initially including Taig, a Chinese app store, in its latest iOS jailbreak. Some users of Evasi0n7 were surprised to discover the inclusion in addition to the bog standard Cydia that jailbreakers are accustomed to seeing, setting off a flurry of concern — it came to light that encrypted data was being sent out of the phone when Taig was opened, which led some to speculate that malware was involved (famed iOS hacker Geohot later said that he "found nothing sketchy"). Others worried that Taig threatened the legitimacy of the entire operation after pirated App Store apps were found in its catalog; Evasi0n initially said that it was working with Taig to get them removed, but is now saying that "the depth of the transgression against the software developers and the jailbreak community cannot be overlooked and we could not move forward after that even if it were fixed."

After the Taig controversy, Evasi0n says that it's had a couple "extremely stressful" days and needs some "time to recover" before working on remaining problems with the jailbreak, but pulling Taig could put a cap on the biggest complaints.