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iOS 7 loophole bypasses the lock screen for access to photos, email, and Twitter

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iOS 7
iOS 7

Like iOS 6.1 before it, the latest version of iOS has shipped with a security loophole. The iOS 7 update, rolled out yesterday, allows users to bypass an iPhone or iPad lock screen with a tricky maneuver that offers access to a user's photos, email, text messages, Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter accounts. The bug, first reported by Forbes, isn't easy to reproduce, however The Verge was able to confirm the problem on both an iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. Apple has told All Things D that it's aware of the security flaw and plans to deliver a fix in a future iOS update.

To replicate the loophole for yourself you'll need to swipe up on the lock screen to access your device's iOS Control Center. From there, open up the alarm clock app and then hold This isn't the first lock-screen problem in iOS down on the power button to bring up options to power off or cancel — tap cancel and then quickly double click the home button to launch into the iOS multitasking screen to see and use various apps. If you want to rid your iPhone or iPad of the exploit, just disable Control Center access on the lock screen in your settings menu.

Forbes was tipped off to the lockscreen bypass thanks to Jose Rodriguez, who goes on YouTube by the name Barraquito. Roqriguez also found a security hole in iOS 6 — and both iOS 5 and iOS 4 had similar issues that Apple eventually fixed.

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