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Apple will reveal its wrist gadget next month, says Apple watcher John Gruber

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One of the biggest mysteries in tech is on the cusp of being solved. Apple's highly anticipated wearable device for the wrist will be shown off in September, according to the well sourced Apple observer John Gruber. Responding to a Verge story today on the Moto 360 charging dock, Gruber announced the gadget's unveiling with characteristic understatement. "The only way this could get funnier would be if it doesn't even ship until after Apple announces their wrist wearable thing next month," he wrote on Daring Fireball. (It's funny to Gruber because he thinks the Moto 360 has a "stupid flat-tire display shape.")

This week, several outlets reported that Apple is planning to hold an event September 9th. We assume that's the day we'll see the iPhone 6, but now we'll be looking for a wearable as well. Will it be a watch after all? Or will it be something closer to a bracelet, as in the concept above? The fact that Gruber doesn't refer to the device by its popular shorthand name of "iWatch" seems suggestive. Whatever it turns out to be, here's hoping it's more than an ever-pulsing inbox strapped to the wrist.

Update, 11:56 p.m.: Gruber tells us he was just kidding, because apparently that is a thing Gruber is doing now:

So, uh, maybe no wrist gadget next month. Back to feverish speculation.