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Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been torn apart so you can look at their insides

Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been torn apart so you can look at their insides

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Apple's newest iPhones are on sale, which means it's time — once again — for iFixit to tear them to pieces. It's not doing this in malice, but to determine how good (or bad) a job Apple's done at letting people repair them, as well as to note changes in how the company puts its devices together.

As was to be expected, the larger iPhone — the iPhone 6 Plus — brings with it a far larger battery; 2,915 mAh to be precise, or close to twice the one found in last year's iPhone 5S. Per the markings on Apple's A8 chip, iFixit surmises that Apple ended up putting in 1GB of RAM this time, something the company doesn't advertise, but that makes a marked difference in the amount of data apps or browser tabs can keep open at once. Some were hoping for more. Other findings include a change in location for the vibration motor just to the right of the battery, an LTE modem from Qualcomm, NFC chip from NXP, and flash memory from SK Hynix. The phase-detection autofocus camera is labeled "DNL432 70566F MKLAB."

Getting the battery out of the 6 is not easy

Along with the 6 Plus, iExperts (hosted on iFixit) are also doing a teardown of the smaller iPhone 6, which required mangling the smaller 1,810 mAh battery to get it detached. A more complete teardown of the phone is coming later.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus go on sale today after being introduced by Apple last week. The phones are the largest Apple's ever made, and likely set to be the company's best-selling. At the beginning of this week, Apple said that preorders in the first 24 hours topped 4 million, though the company did not go into specifics about which one was the better seller.

For many more photos and details on the components, head over to iFixit.

Update September 19th, 12:05AM: with new details about the RAM and camera module.