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Apple wants its electric car ready by 2019

Apple wants its electric car ready by 2019

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Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Apple is reportedly ramping up efforts to create its first electric car. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company has committed employees and resources to get the car ready for an unveiling in 2019.

Codenamed: Titan

According to sources, the project has been codenamed Titan, and employees from across the company have been reassigned to the effort, reportedly tripling the original 600-person team spearheading it. The increased focus should give a clue as to how ambitious the effort is; the 2019 date is one year ahead of original projections for the car's debut. For Apple, getting the complex task of building a car ahead of schedule, even after hiring numerous experts from the auto industry, is a huge deal — especially since the company has no experience in car-making.

However, Apple's new car will reportedly not be fully autonomous, though building a self-driving car is still in the company's long-term plans. That makes sense; even as Apple continues to make the rounds visiting DMVs, regulations likely won't be in place for some time.

Of course, aiming for 2019 doesn't mean that Apple Car will be ready by then. According to the Journal, the car's "ship date" could mean when engineers have signed off on all the features. And some familiar with the project have already expressed doubt about how feasible the date is. However, with interest building up swiftly. At least with consumers, four years is still a good long while to wait.