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Founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, Apple is best known for making some of the world's most ubiquitous consumer devices, software, and services: the iPhone, iPad, iMac and MacBook computers, Apple TV, Apple Watch, iOS, iCloud, iTunes, Apple Music, Apple Pay, and many more. Led by CEO Tim Cook since 2011, Apple is one of the largest technology companies in the world alongside Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

Apple dominates top 10 best-selling smartphone list.

We already know that Apple dethroned Samsung by selling the most phones globally in 2023, now we can see the model mix according to data compiled by Counterpoint Research. Samsung’s lucrative flagship phones were a no-show on the list, with only mid-range devices taking up the bottom three positions.

It’s-a me, Mac OS!

I’ve always said someone should run Mac OS on a Nintendo DS Lite, and thankfully, I’m not the only one who thinks so.

San Diego police would rather Vision Pro users cross streets ‘the old-fashioned way.’

Since the Vision Pro launched, we all knew intrepid first adopters would take the headset into the real world. However, the San Diego Police Department issued a safety reminder on Instagram that perhaps not every situation is suited for mixed reality.

“Keep those virtual experiences on the sidewalk, folks, and let’s cross streets the old-fashioned way — with our eyes wide open to the real world, unobstructed and without distractions!”

Nobody tell them about the dude wearing the Vision Pro in the Cybertruck.

This video comparing Apple Vision Pro hand tracking to the Meta Quest 3 is mesmerizing.

Holonautic co-founder and developer Dennys Kuhnert says he is “both disappointed and impressed” by the Vision Pro’s performance and showed off this comparison of the two headsets with a real-time visualization tool.

As he wrote in another post, “The quality and accuracy is fantastic but the lag with passthrough hands feels currently higher than on Quest 3. Could be explained by AVP’s very low passthrough latency... ~11ms vs ~35ms for Q3.”

Apple Music Reply will recap listening habits monthly.

Sharing music statistics online became a yearly tradition thanks to Spotify Wrapped. Now, Apple Music’s Replay feature is turning up the frequency with monthly breakdowns (after YouTube Music added seasonal updates in 2022) and will also note “milestones” for users, like the total number of minutes they spent listening to that one album. Users, of course, can share their music recaps online every month.

TechCrunch reports monthly Replay recaps will only be available to users “who listen to enough music.”

Three simulated screenshots showing the monthly Apple Music Replay recap screens on iPhones with total minutes listened, top songs, and milestone achievements.
Image: Apple via TechCrunch
A stand for the Vision Pro.

Apple doesn’t sell a stand for the Vision Pro, so developer Christian Selig took it upon himself to create one — just like the unofficial YouTube app he made for the headset, too.

This stand allows the headset to hang vertically, making it take up a bit less space on your desk as opposed to some other storage options out there. Selig has uploaded all the design files onto MakerWorld, so you can 3D print the stand for yourself.

If you’ve got a Vision Pro you can now play a giant Game Boy.

To celebrate the anniversary of GBA4iOS its developer, Riley Testut, has released a new Game Boy emulator for the Vision Pro, GBA4vOS. It currently supports emulation for the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance.

The emulator lets you control WarioWare mini games by just rotating the window. And if you always thought the buttons on the Game Boy Advance SP were too small? There’s a giant solution for that too.

External Link
Apple might be making it easier to import playlists.

Which is good! It’s currently super annoying to move to a new music streaming service because none of them have any business reason to make it easier to import and export that decade of carefully crafted playlists a lot of us have.

Generally, to move playlists around you either need to track down third-party services that only half work or do it all by hand. But redditors noticed a new Apple Music on Android beta includes the ability to use SongShift natively. If that feature leaves beta it would make it a lot easier to move your Spotify playlists over to Apple Music.

What it’s like to make an app for the Vision Pro.

In this interview for the Voices of VR podcast, Apollo developer Christian Selig shares his experience creating Juno, an unofficial YouTube player he created for the Vision Pro in only a week’s time.

Despite the small number of people who own the headset, he says he’s earned enough from it to buy “multiple” Vision Pros.

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At Apple, 18 of 23 Jony Ive-era industrial design team members have left.

That’s according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, who writes in his Power On newsletter today that the recent departure of Bart Andre leaves just five of the company’s old-guard product design team.

While many of those have gone to work with Ive at his company LoveFrom, he wrote, Andre, who started at Apple in 1992, is retiring from the biz.

The latest Shot on iPhone video goes behind the scenes of Usher’s halftime show.

As usual, Apple does a bang-up job making its “Shot on iPhone” footage look great in this short behind-the-scenes documentary for Usher’s Apple Music-sponsored Super Bowl 2024 halftime performance.

I think my favorite part is the revelation that they used leaf blowers to make that red sheet fly behind Alicia Keys (well, during rehearsals, at least).

My Vision Pro has no idea when I’m talking.

I keep a pretty bushy mustache, and it seems to prevent the headset’s downward-facing cameras from seeing and translating what my mouth is doing to my Persona’s real-time expressions during a Vision Pro FaceTime call. Apparently, I’m not alone.

In fairness, Persona is still a beta feature. Maybe visionOS 1.1 will save my friends from this horror show.

Is the iPhone 16 getting a redesigned camera module?

Leaker Majin Bu has shared an image of what they claim is the new camera module on the iPhone 16. This design appears to stack the camera sensors vertically, similar to the module on the iPhone 12. The leak lines up with some other recent rumors, too, which also indicate a shift away from the diagonal camera placement we’ve seen on the last few iPhones.

Vision Pro decision time.

While many people are excitedly entering Apple’s spatial computing future, some Vision Pro early adopters have already packed the devices up and sent them back for a refund. Reasons we’ve heard include eye fatigue, few useful apps available so far, and a lack of window / workspace persistence.

If you bought one on day one, the return window is closing now, so let us know if you’re deciding to keep your headset and why.

The Apple Vision Pro is getting two VR gaming staples.

Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator are both making their way to Apple’s headset, developers Owlchemy Labs announced. They don’t say when the games will arrive, but they should offer a welcome stress reliever for whenever you’re not filling out spreadsheets or attending Zoom calls.

The Verge
Apple’s cloud gaming changes don’t “go far enough” for Xbox.

At one point, Xbox wanted to get its cloud gaming service on the App Store — but now that Apple will actually allow it, the gaming giant isn’t biting. Here’s Xbox boss Phil Spencer:

There’s not room for us to monetize Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS. I think the proposal that Apple put forward... doesn’t go far enough to open up. In fact, you might even say they go the opposite direction in some way, but they definitely don’t go far enough to open up competition on the world’s largest gaming platform.

Ridley Scott’s Napoleon hits Apple TV Plus on March 1st.

Follow its theatrical release last fall, Apple TV Plus’ Napoleon feature from director Ridley Scott is finally coming to the streamer itself next month.

Still from the Apple TV Plus film Napoleon showing the cahracter on horseback in front of an army.
Image: Apple
Ponder this (shiny) orb on the Vision Pro.

XR designer Greg Madison has created this chrome ball as a fun way to visualize how Apple’s headset can reflect lighting in augmented reality based on your real environment.

Reflection mapping is hardly new or unique to the Vision Pro, but Madison’s experiment is commendably easy to play with — just open the file in this Google Drive link while you’re wearing the headset.

Apple recommends some Arcade games for Vision Pro owners.

Assuming you’re going to keep your Vision Pro headset for a while, Apple has highlighted some of the spatial games already available that are optimized for its headset’s eye, hand, and voice controls.

They include What the Golf, Super Fruit Ninja, Synth Riders, and Lego Builder’s Journey (shown below), as well as some upcoming titles, like Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City, Gibbon: Beyond the Trees, and Spire Blast.

Animated image showing the augmented reality Lego game on Vision Pro, with two Lego figurine characters building a bridge on a desk.
Lego Builder’s Journey
Image: Apple
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Totally unofficial Apple Vision Pro YouTube app makes it to version 1.1.

Call me pessimistic, but I was sure Google would immediately slam the breaks on Christian Selig’s third-party YouTube app (especially now the company plans to make a YouTube app of its own). But Juno is still going strong, and Selig has just released its 1.1 version update. Improvements include a playback quality selector, drag and drop support, bug fixes, and other performance and UI tweaks.

Juno 1.1


Apple fans are starting to return their Vision Pros

Comfort, headache, and eye strain are among the top reasons people say they’re returning their Vision Pro headsets.

Meta’s big vision for face computers might be better than Apple’s

Meta’s more accessible approach to face computers is more about what you can do now. Apple’s is more about what you’ll be able to do later.