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BlackBerry Messenger (yes, that BBM) is shutting down on May 31st

15 game streaming services you can try before Google Stadia arrives

Facebook confirms it’s working on an AI voice assistant for Portal and Oculus products

Apple reportedly planning new Find my iPhone app that will track non-Apple devices

Netflix will start testing a top 10 list of its most popular content

Starting in the UK only

Waymo’s app is now in the Google Play Store, but don’t expect to hail a driverless car right away

Procreate’s new text and animation tools turn it into a powerhouse illustration app

Apple rumored to add official iPad external display support in macOS 10.15

YouTube shows 9/11 link on live videos of unrelated Notre Dame fire

Huawei phones can download VLC again after being blacklisted by app developers

You no longer have to moon someone to get Facebook Messenger’s dark mode

Facebook tests merging its News Feed and Stories into a single interface

HQ Trivia’s most recognizable host Scott Rogowsky leaves the company