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The best apps download superpowers to your smartphone. The Verge covers the new and noteworthy Android apps, iPhone apps, and games, highlighting great design, impressive utility, and novel features. If it belongs on your phone, you’ll find it on The Verge.

CBS now lets All Access users download Star Trek: Discovery for offline viewing on mobile

Spotify raises limit for offline downloads to 10,000 songs per device

Google’s Inbox app is shutting down in March 2019

Plex shutters its cloud service after months of technical issues

Apple Music now does a much better job of showing artists’ albums

Singles and compilations are now listed separately

Twitter now lets you launch live audio-only broadcasts from Periscope

Apple removes a top paid utility app that stole data and sent it back to China

Bumble now lets you hit snooze to take a break from your phone

More people are taking Facebook breaks and deleting the app from their phones

Evernote slashes price of Premium subscription as many executives depart

Microsoft’s redesigned Outlook is now available on Windows and the web

Four Tinder plaintiffs drop out of lawsuit because Match might have quietly changed their contracts

Twitter is testing threaded replies and status indicators