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Google finally gives Reader the respect it deserves with an actual gravestone

The four big US carriers want to help you get rid of passwords, but you’ll have to wait


How an iOS developer built an alternative App Store for the iPhone

AltStore is a way around Apple’s restrictions

Hulu is making its menus much easier to read

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Is the world ready for this?

Google will teach you how to use the Pixel 4’s Motion Sense gesture controls with Pokemon

Instagram’s Restrict feature now lets you shadow ban your bullies

Google announces three new ways to hide your personal activity from Google

The latest Pixel 4 leak is an app that automatically transcribes your voice memos

Twitter now lets anyone on iOS search DMs for long lost message threads

Pandora overhauls mobile app to focus on hyper-personalization

Apple News Plus is now available in the UK and Australia

Microsoft’s 2FA-protected OneDrive Personal Vault is now available