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Facebook iPad app finally available today, iPhone app updated with new features

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Facebook for iPad
Facebook for iPad

Guess who's no longer dodging questions about the availability of Facebook's iPad app? Mark Zuckerberg, that's who! After a commotion of reports about rumored drama and supposed delays, Facebook is finally (and we mean finally) rolling out a native app for iPad. Surprisingly, it looks almost identical to the version we saw leaked out back in July with a nice two-pane view and strong resemblance to the iPhone version. We'll probably never know for sure what took so long, but the app doesn't include any of the new Facebook features, including Timeline view. That's said, it does include lots of other platform favorites, including chat, full-screen games, and News Feed notifications. So, when can we say goodbye to those third-party Facebook apps like Friendly Plus (or at least stick ‘em in a faux Facebook app folder)? Today! The app should be available in the App Store momentarily.

But that's not all that's new today - Facebook is updating all its iOS apps, including that new iPad app, with Facebook app-specific features, including bookmarks to apps, a new Requests dialog that will display app notifications, and Facebook Credits support for in-app payments. The features are still under development and will be rolling out to developers today, but it appears we'll be getting them very soon. Facebook also assures us that they are destined for other platforms, including Android. We'll be here refreshing to see if the iPad app has hit the App Store, but in the meantime, check out the official screenshots below.