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Grooveshark redesign adds music streaming activity streams, visual refresh


Streaming music site Grooveshark recently detailed its soon-to-launch redesign, the first since last December. It's a much-needed facelift that implements Twitter-style activity streams on your profile page, which show off who you're following, the music you're liking, and who's following you. Similarly, the new community tab shows the same activity data for all of the people you follow. New artists and releases get a more prominent display in the new release, much like on Spotify or Rdio, and your personal collection of tracks, albums, and playlists is getting a big usability refresh. Your playlists and favorite tracks will be more cleanly organized, and the nifty new share menu, activated when you drag any song to the right side of the window, gives you the option to share on social networks, add to your collection, or place in a specific playlist.

Subscribes will get early access to the new design, while everyone else should see the update in the "near future." Grooveshark's at an interesting crossroads these days: the streaming music landscape has changed radically since last year, with Rdio, Spotify, and MOG all offering free options, and they're now all plugged into the firehose that is Facebook. Hardly easy competition, but then again, where else are we going to go to get our Kate Bush fix?