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Oink recommendation app makes it easier to find exactly what you want


If you've ever tried five different cups of coffee in your neighborhood before finding the right one, Oink's new recommendation platform should help make your next search easier. Oink is an app-based service that hopes to take its users beyond reviews from Yelp and Google Maps — rather than help you figure out where to go, Oink users help build a ranking of what to do and buy. The goal is to help users get a more granular look at what's good and bad at places they try.

Oink's creator Kevin Rose (of Digg fame) believes that this granular focus will help poach users from competing location-based services like Yelp and Foursquare. If it works as demonstrated in the video below, Oink should offer some genuinely new features. Imagine you're about to purchase a chai tea — a quick check of Oink might tell you that the shop you're about to enter has the 15th best in your area, while the third best is just across the street. Of course, there's a social component as well, so you can see what your friends are "Oinking" (yes, Rose uses "Oinking" as a verb). At the end of his demo, Rose mentioned Oink's next steps, including a private beta known as "Oink Builder" — but he didn't give any details on this iOS app's launch date.