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Spotify brings Nokia N9 the gift of song

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Nokia N9 launcher
Nokia N9 launcher

Nokia's N9 may be running a dead-end OS, but that hasn't stopped Spotify from releasing a version of its app for the MeeGo-based marvel. Spotify has made it a point to support Nokia in the past, with a Symbian app that runs on a host of devices, and now those who decided to give the N9 a shot will be able to stream music to their heart's content — provided they've shelled out for a premium subscription.

While the N9 is now able to get the full Spotify experience, the recently-announced Lumina 800 and 710 are left out of the party for the time being — there's still no official Windows Phone 7 Spotify app. The app was demoed at MIX11 this past spring running on a Mango device, so we know it'll come sooner or later, but until then the N9 has at least one major app the new Nokia devices do not.