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Instagram updated to version 2.0.1, fixes bad filters

Popular iPhone application Instagram is updated to version 2.0.1


Back in the end of September Instagram released a large update to its popular photo-sharing application, bring the release to version 2.0. That release brought new filters, as well as a host of irritating bugs. Today, version 2.0.1 has been released, promising to fix the bugs -- and improve two filters which were apparently incorrectly rendering.

Both the Earlybird and Brannan filters have been updated, as have fixes for reported location-based issues such as those caused by taking a photo in one location then importing it in another. Instagram will now make recommendations, allowing you to choose the correct location where the photo was taken.

Other fixes include improved tilt-shift, fixed live video quality on the iPad 2, and the ability to save geo-tagging and EXIF data when exporting images.