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Google Docs app for Android Honeycomb refreshes with a 3-column design (hands-on)

google docs
google docs

The Google Docs app for Honeycomb tablets just got updated with a fresh new look, and it's available now from the Android Market. Much like Honeycomb Gmail, the new Google Docs offers a clean 3-column design, visually reminiscent of the redesigns that have recently hit many of the Google products in your desktop browser. In the left rail, you'll find basic navigation and folders; the center column reveals all of your docs; and the far right offers a document preview and lists user sharing and permissions. 

We tested the app out, and while the new primary navigation screen looks great and is truly useful for renaming docs, adjusting sharing permissions, and quickly previewing docs, the editing tools leave much to be desired. First, there's no visual consistency between the navigation pane and editing mode; the latter looks like a larger version of the Google Docs app on handsets and the two modes simply feel like different apps. It doesn't take advantage of the larger screen real estate. Next, there aren't any formatting tools here, so aside from making small text tweaks and reading over documents, Google Docs for Honeycomb won't be ready for serious editing or writing any time soon.