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Poly for iPad turns photos into polygonal art

Poly for iPad turns photos into polygonal art


Poly is a new app for iPad that converts pictures from the camera or photo library into geometric images.

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You, too, can now render yourself as a Sega Saturn character — all you need is an iPad and a dollar. That's the offering presented by Poly, a new art app by Jean-Christophe Naour, and the second from Seoul-based Innoiz Interactive following their previous Pixl. After you've taken or imported your picture, Poly works by averaging color data in triangles from your touches, resulting in geometric images that can be pretty striking. We took a quick look at the app, and found it to be fun and intuitive to use, managing to whip up the above picture in a few minutes. It definitely works best with simple subjects, though who knows — someone with 3D modeling experience might see better results. Poly is available now in the App Store for $0.99.