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Drobo owners get free Pogoplug software and Cloud accounts for data access anywhere

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Drobo and Pogoplug announced a partnership: every Drobo owner gets a free copy of Pogoplug software and a 10GB Pogoplug Cloud account.


Pogoplug just announced its new Cloud service and software solution last week, and now it's partnering with Drobo to beef up the local storage side of the equation: all Drobo storage device owners are getting a "customized version" of the Pogoplug software and a 10GB Cloud account, up from the standard 5GB. The software allows access to your Drobo from anywhere in the world using apps for Mac, PC, Android, and iOS, but "custom" also apparently means "limited": in order to stream media you'll have to pay the same one-time $29 fee as everyone else. You can also set the software to backup everything you put in your Cloud account to your Drobo, which is nice.

Of course, to make this all truly useful you'll need a Drobo connected to a computer that's permanently attached to a fast upstream connection, but hey — isn't that the dream anyway? Hit the source link for more info.