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Nokia Maps ready to download on Lumia 800 and 710 phones

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Nokia Maps ready to download on Lumia 800 and 710 phones. The full-blown app is exclusive to Nokia's Lumia series.

Nokia Maps download
Nokia Maps download

It starts with a "beta" splash screen before zeroing in on your location. But for many, the fact that Nokia Maps is available for download is reason to celebrate. The full-blown Nokia Drive — featuring offline maps and voice guided navigation — and Maps applications combine to create an exclusive differentiator available only on Nokia's Lumia series of handsets. The Maps app is coming to all Windows Phone handsets eventually. However, while Nokia Maps downloaded fine to our Lumia 800 using the Maps placeholder app that came pre-loaded with the device, we couldn't find the app in Marketplace when searching from our HTC Trophy.

Maps provides local walking, driving and public transport directions while highlighting cafes and other local points of interests over 3G or Wi-Fi networks. Of course, there's a social element to Maps allowing you to review and share your location as well. You can also pin your favorite places to the Windows Phone home screen for quick access in the future. Check the video for a quick rundown of Nokia's Drive and Maps features.