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WhatsApp for Windows Phone updated, adds full group chat support

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WhatsApp for Windows Phone updated to version 1.5, includes group chat functionality

WhatsApp Windows Phone
WhatsApp Windows Phone

WhatsApp for Windows Phone saw its first major update this week. The application has been bumped to version 1.5 and now includes full and proper support for group chat conversations. The cross-platform messenger's previous Windows Phone version supported group chats, but only if you were invited to a conversation. The latest 1.5 version now allows Windows Phone users to create and modify group chat conversations, a feature sorely missing until now.

Other improvements include the ability to delete large conversations, faster insertion and removal of messages and speedier creation of favorites. The Windows Phone app still lacks some polish over its iOS and Android rivals, but the improvements are starting to level out the feature set of WhatsApp across each mobile operating system. If we could get a connection status indicator and some additional bug fixes then Windows Phone WhatsApp would be even closer to its counterparts.