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Growl Fork fixes notifications for broken apps

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Growl Fork is a fork of the popular OS X notification system, Growl. The fork restores notifications to apps that lost them with Growl's major 1.3 App Store release.


Developer Perry Metzger has forked Growl, restoring functionality to apps that lost compatibility when the completely-rewritten version 1.3 of the popular Mac notification application hit the Mac App store in October. Growl pops a notification prominently onscreen when some user-defined set of things happens on a Mac: for example, Skype messages, Twitter mentions, Dropbox file updates, and Sparrow email messages. While the official Growl blog states that developers with broken apps can contact the company for help restoring functionality, there are still several known incompatibilities, notably with the popular all-in-one IM client Adium. If you’ve noticed that Growl 1.3 broke functionality for any of your apps, it might be a good idea to download Growl Fork from the source link and take a look. Note that this version is a fork of 1.2, not 1.3, so it lives in System Preferences rather than as a standalone app.