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StyleTap iOS Wrapper SDK converts Palm OS apps to iOS

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The new StyleTap iOS Wrapper SDK lets Palm OS developers run their apps in iOS and submit them to the Apple App Store or use them internally.

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Palm OS may be dead, but now its apps have a new way to find life in iOS. StyleTap, previously known for its multi-platform Palm OS emulator, has developed the iOS Wrapper SDK. The new system wraps a Palm OS app in StyleTap's emulator, making it ready to submit to the App Store. It's essentially a clever way to get around some of the App Store's restrictions, which until now required StyleTap to sell its emulation software only for jailbroken iOS devices. It's also a good opportunity for former Palm OS developers to dust off their old apps, although as StyleTap notes it may be more useful for corporate customers who are still dependent on legacy Palm OS apps. There's no pricing information for the tool, but StyleTap is taking orders for licenses on its site.