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Evernote 3.5 for Android introduces automatic titles, new save functionality

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Evernote has updated its Android app to version 3.5. The new version, which is available now, will automatically generate titles for notes for when you're in a rush. There's also a new save functionality in the app.

evernote 3.5 auto title (1020)
evernote 3.5 auto title (1020)

Version 3.5 of Evernote's Android note-taking and syncing app, which is available now, adds automatically-generated titles so that you won't get stuck with an "untitled" note when you're in a rush and trying to jot something down quickly. The company has also made it a bit easier to save while you're composing. After clicking the save button (marked by an asterisk), the note is saved in your device's local memory and only once you click "done" will it be uploaded to Evernote's servers. If the new features don't impress you, Evernote says the update includes the typical bugfixes and "reliability improvements" as well, so you'll probably want to download it anyways.