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File-sharing app Droplr back on iPhone with version 2.0

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After being pulled from the app store in December, file-sharing app Droplr is back on iPhone with support for version 2.0.

Droplr iPhone
Droplr iPhone

Web-based file-sharing service Droplr has gone mobile — again. In December, Droplr updated its service to version 2.0, however this new version wasn't compatible with the iPhone app, which was subsequently pulled from the app store. Both the Windows and Mac apps have since been updated to support the new Droplr, and today the iPhone version is back as well. It's largely the same as before — allowing users to share links, images, notes, audio, and more — but it now supports Droplr 2 and has built-in Twitter integration. The developers are also claiming that the reinstated app is "significantly faster and more stable" than before.