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Marvel comics collections added to iBooks

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Marvel has added many of its superhero story arcs and book and TV adaptations to Apple's iBooks store.

Marvel iBooks
Marvel iBooks

Apple's iBooks has hosted comics for some time, but today marked a major win for the app as Marvel added a host of major titles to the store. The comics company included a wide cross-section of its superhero titles, along with a handful of book and TV adaptations like Castle and The Dark Tower. Instead of selling single issues, the focus of Marvel's iOS app, the iBooks store offers collections of story arcs that sell for anywhere from $6.99 for a volume of The New Avengers to $24.99 for Earth X. To promote the launch, Marvel will initially be offering New Avengers Vol. 1: Breakout for free.

Much of this content was already available on Marvel's own app, although the Ender's Game and Pride and Prejudice adaptations, along with a few other titles, look to be available as mobile content only on iBooks. In some cases, you'll get a slightly better price on iBooks — it's a dollar cheaper to buy Neil Gaiman's Marvel 1602 there, for example, than to get all the issues on Marvel's app. Other collections, like Captain America: Winter Soldier, cost the same on both. Marvel's app is also better adapted to comics reading on smaller screens, since it automatically zooms in on panels instead of relying on pinch-to-zoom. For people with larger screens or those who want the convenience of a single app, however, it's probably worth checking out the full list of titles at the source link below.