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Google Schemer for iPhone available now, recommends activities when you're bored

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Google has released an iPhone app for Schemer, its activity recommendation social network. It is available now and looks to offer the same features as the Android app.

Schemer logo
Schemer logo

iOS users have been left out in the cold so far when it comes to Google's relatively new activity recommendation service, Schemer, but that's not the case any more, as an iPhone version of the app was released today. Schemer first entered beta last year as a social network — separate from Google+ — and it opened to all users about a month ago. Be sure to read over our hands-on with the service for all of the details, but the idea of Schemer is that it provides a place for users to post different, unique ideas of things to do. What makes Schemer special is that it has some "smart" recommendation features; for example, if it's raining outside it'll suggest activities that you can do at home, and if it's lunchtime maybe it'll tell you about a nearby restaurant. The service is primarily used on a desktop web browser, but now you'll be able to use either an Android or iOS device to get your scheming fix on the go.