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Kepler Spacecraft's data visualized: an interactive exploration of Earth-like exoplanets

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Data visualization artist Jer Thorp and Oblong Industries have teamed up to create an interactive 3D environment for exploring the data returned by the Kepler Spacecraft.

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Data visualization artist Jer Thorp has teamed up with Oblong Industries to create an interactive, gestural visualization of the data sent back by NASA's Kepler spacecraft. Kepler has returned quite a bit of data on its mission to find earth-like exoplanets in other parts of the Milky Way galaxy, and Thorp's open-source data visualization software and Oblong Industries' gestural control technology have come together to turn this data into a stunning 3D environment. Users can explore the exoplanets using natural gestures and — with the flick of a wrist — the data can be sorted and analyzed for patterns and trends. Be sure to take a look at these flowing an informative visuals in the video below.