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FlightTrack gets a complete visual overhaul in new free version of the flight monitoring app

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FlightTrack Free is now available for iPhone and Android. It introduces a new design scheme, though it lacks some features of the premium apps.

Flighttrack free android
Flighttrack free android

FlightTrack has long been a favorite of frequent fliers for keeping tabs on flights — where they are, which gates they departed from and arrived to, and more — but for cheap jet-setters there hasn't been a free option until today. Free is certainly good, but what's even better about the new FlightTrack Free app for Android and iPhone is that it features a tasteful, simple redesign over its premium brethren. The key word is simple: when you open the app the only thing you're presented with is a search tool for finding flights to track. Once you find what you're looking for, the flight information is shown with a real-time map in the background showing the plane's location. It's all very slick — and Holo approved — but if you're used to the full-featured FlightTrack app you're going to miss some features like notifications, weather, TripIt sync, and SeatGuru integration. Additionally, the free app can only track one flight at a time. No word yet on when (or if) the premium apps will benefit from this appealing visual overhaul, but if you're interested in the free app it's available now.