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Google Now heading to Chrome OS and Windows, beta browser reveals

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Google now Chrome OS
Google now Chrome OS

Google Now integration may soon become available in Google's Windows browser and Chrome OS platform, after engineers added a new reference to the feature in the latest Chromium release. Discovered by Chromium enthusiast François Beaufort, a new flag has been added to the Chromium backend, which allows users to enable the option if they know the relevant Google Now server. However, as the feature is not yet public, Google Now cards (or notifications) are not yet displayed.

We suspected that Google Now would be making its way from Android to the desktop in December, which was reinforced when Google added a new notification center feature to Chrome OS, showing off card-like notifications for browser (or Chrome OS) events. For now, it appears that Google Now will be enabled in Chrome for Windows (no Mac version just yet) and in Chrome OS, but it's not clear when it will become available.