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Apple buys maker of the iOS testing platform TestFlight

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TestFlight Live
TestFlight Live

Apple said today that it has acquired Burstly, a company that makes software tools for app testing and advertising. Apple confirmed to Re/code that it bought the company, which acquired the popular app testing suite TestFlight in 2011. TestFlight allows developers to easily install their apps on beta testers' phones without first putting them in the App Store, and allows them to collect crash reports and user feedback in a central location.

It's unclear what Apple plans to do with Burstly; a company spokeswoman declined to specify its plans to Re/code. TechCrunch notes that Apple has been working recently to make it easier for developers to test their apps, recently doubling the number of promotional codes that app makers can use to seed their products to testers and reviewers. Having TestFlight in the fold could give Apple another tool to help its developers give their apps a final polish before going on sale.