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These new 3D-printed homes in Austin are going for $450K

How slime molds and mussels could be the future of architecture

Palmer Luckey’s border control tech has already caught dozens of people

Here come the $4,000 homes that can be printed in less than 24 hours

Amazon’s mini rainforest work space spheres are opening in Seattle

The walls of this Russian technology exhibit are imprinted with a circuit board design

Syrian arch razed by ISIS and re-created with 3D technology arrives in New York City

BMW's breathtaking sculpture is a fitting centerpiece for the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Would you set foot on this insane, beautiful staircase?

Google turns the Sydney Opera House into an online exhibit

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A complete list of Zaha Hadid Architects's unbuilt designs

New drone video shows Apple's massive new spaceship campus is coming together

Inside the Oculus, New York's insane-looking, $4 billion train station

Japan opts for modest Olympic stadium after dumping Zaha Hadid

The world's tallest building will be one kilometer high

Let's go inside Samsung’s new Silicon Valley headquarters

London's sky pool will let the super-rich swim through the air

Dubai brings world's longest indoor ski slope to the desert

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Syd Mead, the artist who illustrates the future

Japan scraps controversial Olympic Stadium plans due to high costs

Apple's spaceship is rising

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Explore the TWA terminal, a pristine time capsule from 1962

The next Guggenheim could be a lighthouse of charred timber

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The Final World Trade Center Tower's New Design, Revealed!

Watch this timelapse of a 57-story skyscraper getting built in 19 days

This spectacular home is at peace with the California desert

The Desert House by Ken Kellogg

Smithsonian redesign hopes to give DC's National Mall a futuristic facelift

37 awesome things we saw at Tokyo Designers Week

Photos from Tokyo Designers Week 2014

Frank Gehry drops a spaceship in Paris

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A spaceship in Cupertino: Apple's journey to build a new headquarters