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Augmented Reality

Facebook is spending $50 million to ‘responsibly’ build the metaverse

Niantic is shutting down its AR Catan game after a year of early access

A short history of every time Apple CEO Tim Cook praised augmented reality

Here’s the tech behind the Carolina Panthers’ giant AR cat

Xiaomi shows off concept smart glasses with MicroLED display

Facebook and Ray-Ban’s smart glasses leak before launch

Facebook and Ray-Ban tease smart glasses announcement on September 9th

Apple’s rumored AR/VR headset might rely on a nearby iPhone or Mac for processing

The manual for Facebook’s Project Aria AR glasses shows what it’s like to wear them

TikTok follows Snap and Facebook by testing new augmented reality developer tools

The pandemic is over in Pokémon Go for players from New Zealand and the US

Facebook’s next hardware launch will be its Ray-Ban ‘smart glasses’

Google Meet is getting a wider rollout on Google Glass

Facebook’s new AR feature for Portal lets you dress up as Harry Potter characters

The Witcher’s monster-hunting AR mobile game is out July 21st

Three Magic Leap executives are reportedly leaving the company

Snap is buying its AR display supplier for more than $500 million

Snap’s new Spectacles let you see the world in augmented reality

Hugo Barra is leaving Facebook

Epic Games sues AR company Nreal for sounding too much like ‘Unreal’

Apple is giving a laser company that builds some of its AR tech $410 million

Apple will now let you add virtual lasers and confetti to your Clips videos

Magic Leap CEO says second-generation headset will ship later this year

Google adds Pac-Man, Hello Kitty, Gundam mechs, and more to AR search

Tim Cook says Apple wants to use AR to make conversations better

Codename: Urban Legends is a taste of what Niantic thinks 5G could do for AR gaming

Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headset will reportedly weigh less than an iPhone

Gucci designed virtual sneakers for hypebeasts in Roblox and VRChat

Facebook shows off how you’ll use its neural wristbands with AR glasses

Almost a fifth of Facebook employees are now working on VR and AR: report

Audi shows off the Q4 E-Tron’s new augmented reality display

Apple mixed-reality headset likely coming sometime in 2022, analyst predicts