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Adi Robertson

Adi Robertson

Senior Reporter

Adi Robertson has been covering the intersection of technology, culture, and policy at The Verge since 2011. Her work includes writing about DIY biohacking, survival horror games, virtual and augmented reality, online free expression, and the history of computing. She also makes very short video games. You have probably seen her in a VR headset.

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Satya Nadella is testifying in US v. Google next week.

The Microsoft CEO’s testimony will follow extensive questions this week about the company’s dealings with Apple and its struggle to get Bing on the iPhone, apparently including floating a sale of the search engine to Apple. And after a week of locked-down testimony, Judge Amit Mehta has directed as much of it as possible to take place in public session.

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Meta Connect will continue, but the keynote’s wrapped up.

Check out our interview with Mark Zuckerberg on today’s AI and VR news, the Threads rollout, and more. Meta’s show will continue through tomorrow — the schedule’s available here.

Here’s the graphical upgrade between Quest 2 and Quest 3.

This clip shows off The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, one of the Quest 2’s headliner games, alongside its upgraded Quest 3 version. We’re still looking at a game powered by a mobile chip, but it’s a significant detail boost.

Meta’s AI Studio will let you make your own AI companions.

And it’s going to hook into the “metaverse” — Mark Zuckerberg discusses the possibility of using its AI characters as video game NPCs. It sounds a bit like, but Meta’s pitching it to businesses and creators, not primarily as an entertainment tool.

Connect hasn’t started yet, but check out our Quest 3 hands-on video.

Though the stream is delayed, you can see our first impressions of Meta’s headlining hardware product — the $499 Quest 3, shipping October 10th — here.

Baldur’s Gate 3’s best boss-melting weapon is the cursed body of a dead child.

My favorite testament to the open-endedness of Baldur’s Gate 3 so far: this short, lightly spoiler-y guide to beating one of the game’s hardest bosses using the status effect of a minor side quest NPC. (If this hasn’t been patched yet... it likely will be soon.)