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Andrew Marino

Andrew Marino

Senior Audio Producer

Andrew produces podcasts, videos, and stories for The Verge.

You can watch TV on a CRT in the Vision Pro.

If you miss the kitchen TV, then this Television app for Apple’s headset has got your back. You’re able to watch videos (even spatial ones, if you like) on a whole bunch of different 3D models of TVs, from a portable CRT to a Samsung Frame lookalike.

I want to watch iCarly on a big bulky silver 2000s console.

This MIDI guitar is my favorite new way to make music

For guitarists, the Jamstik is a great opportunity to experiment in the digital audio workstation. 

Big TVs are getting bigger.

Becca Farsace and I pitched this video about finding the smallest television at CES 2024. But once we got to the show floor, we were swallowed up by gigantic 100+” screens, furniture centerpieces, and more TVs that turn into picture frames. As TV tech has progressed, have we forgotten about the tiny portables? Here’s our journey.

Buttons on the radio.

Tuesday’s edition of WNPR’s Colin McEnroe Show focused on the past, present, and future of the TV remote control and various other buttons that control our lives.

The show featured Rachel Plotnick, author of Power Button, and Caetlin Benson-Allott, author of Remote Control two books I am now adding to my Christmas list.

If you’ve enjoyed our Button of the Month column, you may find this discussion fascinating.

Darren Aronofsky’s Las Vegas Sphere film is so very big.

Talking to Seth Meyers, director Darren Aronofsky shares a few details about the tech behind “Postcard from Earth,” his new movie made for that giant 18K wraparound Sphere screen in Las Vegas.

Most notably, the camera used to shoot it records 32 gigabytes per second. The end result is half a petabyte file — the storage equivalent of roughly 1,953 base model M2 MacBooks Air.

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R.L. Stine says cell phones can “ruin every mystery plot.”

In a recent Rolling Stone interview, Goosebumps author R.L. Stine mentions how smartphones have changed the way he writes his horror novels. Everyone has a phone to call for help!

“I spend a lot of time in the beginning of every book trying to get rid of the phones to make sure they don’t interfere.”

My iPad is my new Windows 98 PC monitor.

A few Verge staffers have be been playing around with a new app called Orion, which turns the iPad into a HDMI monitor. Dan got Dex running to his iPad, Parker sent his Switch’s video output to the device, and I used the tablet as a monitor for my retro Windows PC.

Study up, this will be on the next dongle quiz.

Shure simplified its iconic SM7b.

With the new $499 SM7dB (kinda punny), Shure adds an integrated preamp to the classic radio microphone to bring its audio signal up to proper recording levels right out of the gate. This will help out podcasters and traveling audio engineers who typically have to use a Cloudlifter box whenever they want the SM7b sound.

Although it’s a good option, newer consumer audio interfaces boast the preamps’ ability to provide enough signal boost to these mics anyway.

view of the back side of the Shure SM7db, showing some controls switching on the integrated pre-amp.
The new Shure SM7dB
Image: Shure
We took six pairs of headphones and a dummy head on the subway.

The Verge video team took a trip around NYC to compare noise-cancelling headphones from Apple, Sony, and Bose — including twenty-year-old QC-1s and a set of $1,300 aviation headphones. Then we sent them to an independent lab for more tests.

You can read more about those results here, but please watch me spend hours on a hot day outside for journalism.