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Antonio G. Di Benedetto

Antonio G. Di Benedetto

Commerce/Deals Writer

Antonio is a commerce writer for The Verge, covering tech deals and trying to save you [and himself] money. He comes from the world of photography and gets very obsessive about lenses and the discourse over "bokeh." When not deal hunting, he does wedding photography on the side, plays lots of video/tabletop games, collects vinyl records, and professes his love for the great state of New Jersey.

Talking shit about cameras is best done over drinks.

PetaPixel’s Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake are once again recapping the year’s best and worst cameras over made-up drinking games. This is my favorite annual camera nerd tradition, and it’s now running 10 years (and three YouTube channels).

No spoilers, but I’m here to say the Nikon Zf was shunned — and after 10 years Chris’s excellent hair is aging better than his alcohol tolerance.