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Chris Welch

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Chris Welch has worked at The Verge since the site's founding in 2011. In the years since, he has published over 5,800 articles that range from breaking news and comprehensive reviews to useful how-tos and thoughtful analysis. Aside from his editorial duties, he's also among The Verge's most highly regarded photographers. Chris specializes in personal audio and home theater and has published numerous scoops about Sonos. You can tip him privately and securely using Signal at (845) 445-8455.

People have very strong opinions about Fujfilm’s latest camera.

The Fujifilm X100VI is here, and as our own comment section and any number of Reddit threads can demonstrate, there are a lot of takes on this camera. Is it overhyped or a worthy upgrade? Are those film simulations good enough to choose Fujifilm over competing cameras from Sony or Nikon?

Here’s Becca’s quick rundown on what’s new with the X100VI, and stay tuned for our full review in the coming weeks.

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Roku has crossed 80 million active accounts.

This afternoon Roku announced that it has surpassed 80 million active accounts. The company also said that customers streamed over 100 billion hours of content last year — the first time it has crossed that milestone.

Not bad when you consider that Roku hasn’t even released any new streaming gadgets recently. That lineup has been relatively stagnant while the company focuses on its self-branded TVs, with new, more premium models due this spring.

It’s been quite some time since Amazon shared data on how many people are actively using its competing Fire TV platform.

Jon Stewart seems just a bit resentful towards Apple for canceling his show.

Ahead of his return to The Daily Show tonight, Jon Stewart is doing the usual press rounds. And on CBS Mornings, he briefly touched on Apple’s abrupt cancellation of The Problem last year.

“I very much wanted to have some kind of place to unload thoughts as we get into this election season. And I thought I was going to do it over at, they call it Apple TV Plus,” he said before joking about the service’s popularity. “It’s a televison enclave. Very small. It’s like living in Malibu. But they decided that they felt that they didn’t want me to say things that might get me in trouble.”

In October, The New York Times reported that Apple’s decision partly stemmed from Stewart’s plans to cover topics including artificial intelligence and China in the show’s now-scrapped third season.