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Christopher Grant

Christopher Grant

Group Publisher, Polygon & The Verge

Chris is the Group Publisher for Polygon & The Verge, a fan of CRT televisions, and an avid tinkerer. He was the founding editor-in-chief of Polygon, and lives in Philadelphia with his growing collection of old video game hardware. Follow him on Mastodon.

We are gathered here today in memory of our dearly departed cloud gaming service, Stadia

You’ve transferred your saves, converted your controller to Bluetooth, and rescued your toons, so there’s nothing left to do but remember all the times Google told us we wouldn’t be here.

Google Stadia is officially closing its cloud doors today, almost four years after an inauspicious debut displaying the console alongside uhhh... notable video game artifacts, ET for the Atari 2600, the Power Glove, and the Dreamcast.

Google has handled its passing with as much grace as can be expected, so let’s (Google) Wave goodbye to a cloud gaming OG.

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Fandom rolls the dice on GameSpot and Giant Bomb, leaves CNET and others at Red Ventures.

After unloading D&D Beyond to Hasbro for almost $150 million earlier this year, Fandom is doing something with that cash.

The user-generated wiki giant announced the acquisition of GameSpot, Giant Bomb, Metacritic, TV Guide, and more from Red Ventures, who itself just acquired them from CBS two years ago. The deal brings in some 46 million monthly active users in exchange for “roughly $50 million,” leaving Fandom with plenty of D&D bucks for even more acquisitions.