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Dieter Bohn is the executive editor of The Verge. He writes the Processor email newsletter, hosts the Processor video series on YouTube, and cohosts the popular Vergecast podcast.

He has appeared on CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and elsewhere. Prior to co-founding The Verge in 2011, he founded several influential smartphone news sites, including Android Central and iMore. Dieter has a BA in English and philosophy from the University of St. Thomas and was a PhD candidate in English at the University of Minnesota where he helped students and faculty use web technologies to expand academic discourse. You can find him on various social networks under the handle backlon or email him at

Ethics statement: Dieter’s wife is currently employed by Facebook Reality labs, the AR/VR division of the company. He therefore does not report on Oculus or Facebook nor review competing VR products.