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Emma Roth

Emma Roth

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Emma Roth is a news writer at The Verge. Her interest in tech started with the Dell Dimension 4600 her dad ordered from QVC. When she isn't behind a keyboard, Emma enjoys playing video games, going on bike rides, and gardening.

Taylor Swift’s flight tracker has responded to the singer’s legal threats.

Jack Sweeney, a college student who uses public flight data to track jets belonging to celebrities like Swift and Elon Musk, has refuted the singer’s claims that his flight tracking accounts on social media cause her “direct and irreparable harm.”

In a letter to Swift’s legal team, Sweeney’s lawyer says “there is nothing unlawful” about the “use of publicly accessible information to track private jets,” adding that the threats “suggest a groundless effort to intimidate and censor” Sweeney.

A stand for the Vision Pro.

Apple doesn’t sell a stand for the Vision Pro, so developer Christian Selig took it upon himself to create one — just like the unofficial YouTube app he made for the headset, too.

This stand allows the headset to hang vertically, making it take up a bit less space on your desk as opposed to some other storage options out there. Selig has uploaded all the design files onto MakerWorld, so you can 3D print the stand for yourself.

The Verge
Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hits Max next week.

You can start streaming the Aquaman sequel starting on Tuesday, February 27th.

As noted in my colleague Charles Pulliam-Moore’s review of the film, The Lost Kingdom has some stunning visuals, but it’s held back by a predictable storyline that makes it feel “like a product of the DCEU,” which has been plagued with issues over the past several years.

Nielsen stats show YouTube and Netflix dominating US TV streaming.

YouTube was the most-watched streaming option over the past 12 months, according to data from Nielsen. In January, YouTube accounted for 8.6 percent of usage in the US, followed by Netflix at 7.9 percent. That’s more than the next eight services combined.

Separately, YouTube says users around the world watched over 1 billion hours of content on the site’s TV app every day, while creators saw a 400 percent increase in watch time on TVs.

Image: Nielsen
Is the iPhone 16 getting a redesigned camera module?

Leaker Majin Bu has shared an image of what they claim is the new camera module on the iPhone 16. This design appears to stack the camera sensors vertically, similar to the module on the iPhone 12. The leak lines up with some other recent rumors, too, which also indicate a shift away from the diagonal camera placement we’ve seen on the last few iPhones.

Here’s what editing texts in Google Messages might look like.

After tinkering with the beta version of Google Messages, TheSpAndroid found that the upcoming edit option could surface as a pencil icon that appears when you tap and hold a message. You’ll get the option to edit your text from there, but it seems it will only work if you’ve sent the message within the past 30 minutes.

It’s still early though, so we don’t know when Google will actually start rolling the feature out, or if it’ll make any other tweaks in the meantime.

Image: TheSpAndroid