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Emma Roth

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Emma Roth is a news writer at The Verge. Her interest in tech started with the Dell Dimension 4600 her dad ordered from QVC. When she isn't behind a keyboard, Emma enjoys playing video games, going on bike rides, and gardening.

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TikTok is committing €12 billion to data security in Europe.

The money will go towards Project Clover, TikTok’s initiative to house European user data on local servers to address concerns from regulators.

TikTok’s data center in Ireland is already up and running, but it’s already working on another in Norway, where it expects data migration to begin in late 2024. Once complete, TikTok says its Norway facility will be the “largest data centre in Europe.”

YouTube Music’s 2023 Recap has arrived.

Spotify and Apple Music have both released their end-of-year roundups, and now it’s YouTube Music’s turn. This year, YouTube Music will create a custom album art based on what you’ve listened to in 2023, as well as match your top songs to different moods.

You can also access your Recap from the regular YouTube app for the first time, but it might not have any stats if you aren’t a YouTube Music listener.

YouTube Music will generate a custom album cover based on your listening habits in 2023.
YouTube Music will generate a custom album cover based on your listening habits in 2023.
Image: YouTube
Discord’s in-app shop is now available to everyone.

Discord first launched the shop to Nitro subscribers in October, but now everyone can purchase avatar decorations and profile effects. Nitro members will still get these items at a discounted price.

GIF: Discord
Google Chat update puts a navigation bar on top of a navigation bar.

Instead of having just a single navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, Google Chat has decided to add another navigation menu on top of that with options to access the home screen, direct messages, spaces, and mentions. I don’t have it on my mobile app yet, but it looks a little chaotic.

Image: Google
The slow end to Popular Science magazine.

Jacob Ward, an NBC correspondent who worked at Popular Science for seven years and spent some time as editor-in-chief, shared some thoughts about the end of the 151-year-old magazine in a video on YouTube:

The magazine — like all magazines — was handed from owner to owner to owner over time and there was all things began to get lost... I got to the editor in chief position, and I just saw how this very beautiful, very historical, a real treasure of American popular intellectual publishing was kind of disposable in the minds of people who make money for living.

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Instacart Plus subscribers now get Peacock Premium as a perk.

The $9.99 / month Instacart Plus subscription already offers unlimited free grocery deliveries and lower service fees, but now it’s bundling in Peacock’s Premium plan, too. The streamer’s Premium plan offers ad-supported access to a range of content on Peacock and typically costs $5.99 per month.