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Kara Verlaney

Kara Verlaney

Project Manager

Kara Verlaney is The Verge's Project Manager.

    NextGen 2022

    How young people use technology to navigate our strange new world

    Kara VerlaneyAug 9

    The Verge’s Guide to working from home

    Stories and advice on settling into remote work

    Kara VerlaneyAug 2

    Accessibility Week

    Technology promises a universally accessible world — and only sometimes manages to deliver

    Kara VerlaneyJul 12

    How Creators Get Paid Online

    From building branded Fortnite worlds to devising new crowdfunding techniques

    Kara VerlaneyJun 28

    The Year of the NFT

    How fortunes have been made and lost over collectible tokens

    Kara VerlaneyJun 7

    Conservation Week

    What will we conserve for the future? And what will get left in the dirt?

    Kara VerlaneyApr 19

    The Verge Merch Store is back!

    The Verge is turning 10, so celebrate with some new swag 

    Kara VerlaneyOct 22, 2021

    The Verge’s Kara Verlaney on copy editing and its tools

    Forget what you learned in fourth grade English

    Kara Verlaney and Barbara KrasnoffApr 2, 2021