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Nathan Edwards

Nathan Edwards

Senior Reviews Editor

Nathan Edwards joined The Verge in June 2022 as a senior reviews editor. He has been writing and editing reviews of consumer tech since 2007, including seven years at Wirecutter and five at MaximumPC. He enjoys mechanical keyboards, making his life more complicated while trying to make it less complicated, and developing new hyperfixations. He is based in the Houston area and has lived in The Netherlands, California, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. His French is terrible, but his Dutch is worse.

    The Verge
    Nathan EdwardsSep 20
    How’s that eSIM-only iPhone working out for you?

    In my article about Apple dropping the physical SIM on the iPhone 14, I said it was “probably fine” for people on major US carriers. I also mentioned that my iPhone 11 had a physical Verizon SIM and an eSIM from a carrier in the Netherlands. This weekend I upgraded to an iPhone 14 Pro. The Verizon SIM transferred without a hitch. The other one? Not so much. Guess it’s time to admit to myself that I’m never moving back to Amsterdam.

    That’s Gandalf, right?

    Gandalf isn’t supposed to be in Middle-earth yet — what if he’s there anyway

    Nathan EdwardsAug 23