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Nathan Edwards

Nathan Edwards

Senior Reviews Editor

Nathan Edwards is The Verge's Senior Reviews Editor. He has been writing and editing reviews of computer hardware and consumer tech since 2007, including seven years at Wirecutter and five at MaximumPC. He enjoys mechanical keyboards, cargo bikes, making his life more complicated while trying to make it less complicated, and developing new hyperfixations. He lives in the Houston area. His French is terrible, but his Dutch is worse.

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Apple’s retail employees are getting lower raises this year.

Bloomberg reports that annual increases for Apple’s retail employees, including AppleCare technical support, will be about 4 percent this year, down from eight to 10 percent last year. Bloomberg cites labor shortages, inflation, and unionization efforts as factors in last year’s higher increases. Guess things are back to normal?

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Philips Hue now (finally) works with Matter.

As promised, Signify has updated its Philips Hue Bridges with Matter support. Surprise! You can check by opening the Hue app and going to Settings > Smart Home, then add an integration. Tap “Other apps” and you should see a big Matter logo. Have fun! Oh, and if you already have Hue working through HomeKit and you like Adaptive Lighting, don’t switch to Matter on Apple Home.

Philips Hue and Matter

[Philips Hue US]

Fix-it videos are the best part of YouTube.

When the scroll wheel on my seven-year-old MX Master got stuck in free-spinning mode, I nearly bought a new mouse. Instead, I found this excellent YouTube video and fixed the dang thing in under fifteen minutes.

This is just today’s example, and today’s appreciation post for the people who upload DIY repair videos. You’re the real MVPs.

𐓷𐓘𐓻𐓘𐓻𐓟 𐓯𐓪͘𐓯𐓪͘𐓷𐓟.

The day of a new trailer for Killers of the Flower Moon seems like a good day for this reminder. Osage people worked on the film; Osage speakers taught Lily Gladstone how to call DiCaprio’s character a 𐓇𐓪𐓨𐓣𐓤𐓘𐓮𐓣, and Osage people got Apple to add Osage as a keyboard input language in iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and MacOS Sonoma, which made this post a lot easier to write.

Door open. Please close the door.

Door closed. Door open. Please close the door. Door closed.

Jason Shellen bought a new Samsung fridge with SmartThings support. It’s going...okay. Be sure to click through for more fun examples of Samsung’s ecosystem synergy!