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Sean Hollister

Senior Editor

When his parents denied him a Super NES, he got mad. When they traded a prize Sega Genesis for a 2400 baud modem, he got even. Years of internet shareware and eBayed possessions later, Sean Hollister realized he could make a living by writing about his beloved gadgets and games. And while the 2008 recession had other plans, he eventually made it.

No, robo-Ryu from Street Fighter vs. dinosaur was *not* on my bingo card.

In fact, Exoprimal wasn’t on my radar at all... but I might have to check this out? The trailer’s age-gated, so you’ll have to click through to watch it on YouTube or see it here via Twitter. The game’s coming July 14th, but the Street Fighter collab won’t arrive till fall. Capcom says Ryu and Guile are “Exosuit skins” your character can wear.

Google is still playing whack-a-mole with fake Dick’s.

By the time I click, the email’s usually gone. It’s fascinating how Google can reach into your inbox to delete stuff.

But I can testify that the Dick’s keep getting through Gmail’s spam filters — they’ve seemingly been penetrated for good.

The Vision Pro reminds me of this (in a good way).

Remember Heavy Rain? The Vision Pro’s dial-in-your-preferred-amount-of-reality feature legitimately sounds awesome to me, because it’s a 2010 gamer’s dream come true.

(Minor note: I had forgotten that the game strongly implies these glasses cause brain damage.)

The Verge
It’s interesting what Apple didn’t choose to show.

We didn’t see the Vision Pro used for:

Fitness, VR gaming, AR gaming, really any gaming you can’t do on a normal television, in a car, on a bus or train, at a sports game or concert, at a social gathering, to access the metaverse, to interpret the world around you, while a human is moving more than a meter per second, while drinking a beverage, or literally anything outdoors.