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Umar Shakir

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Umar Shakir is a news reporter for The Verge, covering electric cars and more. He's spent over 15 years in IT support beforehand, including managing Macs for a University and also fixing them at the Genius Bar. Umar likes collecting video game cartridges, watching football, and hanging in shopping center parking lots waiting for his EV to charge.

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Sounds like a feature iOS should have had ages ago.

Apple iOS 17.2 beta 4 update adds a feature that will finally allow you to change the default notification sound on your iPhone, as reported by MacRumors. The update includes a new “Default Alerts” option under Sounds and Haptics, meaning that app sounds that aren’t ringtones, text messages, voicemails, emails, calendars, reminders, or otherwise pre-assigned can be changed.

And for the silent phone fans, you can change the default haptic feedback for notifications, too.

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Tesla will get its seized Swedish license plates while continuing to dodge a collective bargaining agreement.

In Sweden, the company sued the government after postal workers stopped delivering Tesla’s license plates in solidarity with striking service autoworkers. Tesla won, and now Sweden’s Transportation Agency must get the plates to Tesla or get fined.

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Valve CEO Gabe Newell has to appear in person to defend Steam store fees.

In an update to a federal antitrust lawsuit originally brought on by Humble Bundle owner Wolfire Games in 2021, Newell’s request to conduct a remote deposition in fear of contracting covid has been denied. It’s especially notable as the Valve boss rarely makes appearances, even including our talk about Steam Machines or more recent comments about New Zealand and the Steam Deck.

This litigation lines up as part of a larger battle over digital stores like Steam, Apple, Google, and others and the billions of dollars they pull in by taking a cut of software sales.

Porsche’s new Panamera has a ridiculous active suspension setup.

The automaker’s “Active Ride” hydraulic system can wildly tilt the 2024 Panamera E-Hybrid with the steering wheel and pedals while in a test mode, but also, as demonstrated by Porsche for this Out of Spec video, using a smartphone gyro (that feature probably won’t be available for use at home).

Besides the party trick, Road and Track has more details on how the four-motor pump suspension helps combat roll on the track — even leaning into corners like a motorcycle at times — and how it compares to a similar approach in the Ferrari Purosangue.

The case of the stolen X-Ray cases is bigger and dumber than we thought.

Case maker Casetify, which Dbrand is suing for stealing its Apple device teardown images, also apparently swiped iFixit’s X-rays of an iPhone from Creative Electron.

Casetify’s low-effort work seems to have involved, uh, flipping an image of an old iPhone’s internals and passing it off as the insides of your new phone. We did some comparos, and it looks like Caseify used this image of the 2017 iPhone X from this iFixit teardown page.

“Pooping With The Quest 3 Is Magical.”

Look, there’s nothing wrong with taking your phone to the ceramic throne so you can relax, read, and relieve... but a virtual reality headset? That’s next level.

OK, there are clear benefits to taking the new Meta Quest 3 to the bathroom, though. As Redditor Tall_Whole_5777 describes: You don’t need to touch screens or buttons to watch and control a YouTube video.