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Victoria Song

Victoria Song

Senior Reviewer, Wearable Tech

Victoria Song reviews all things wearables and fitness tech for The Verge.

Before coming to The Verge, she'd been yammering on about this space—and other consumer tech—for Gizmodo and PC Magazine. When not nerding out over gadgets, she can be found on the couch binging the latest K-dramas.

The best fitness trackers to buy right now

From simple fitness bands to rugged sports watches to rings, these are the best trackers you can get.

Smart glasses need to be stylish to really go mainstream

The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses pack in a bunch of promising updates, including 150 style variations across two frames. But that’s not enough if people don’t dig the look.

The Verge
Lululemon’s laying off 120 people following Peloton deal.

Lululemon isn’t wasting time getting out of connected fitness. Following news it’s outsourcing content production to Peloton and halting Mirror sales, the company is laying off an additional 120 employees from its Studio division. This is a second round too, after laying off another 100 employees in July.

This is hardly surprising. Connected fitness companies that relied on premium hardware sales are all struggs to func these days. Turns out, the average joe isn’t fond of shelling out thousands for smart gym equipment when a digital subscription is much, much cheaper.

I love this intense cat lady energy.

Li-Chen Miller is on stage talking about the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses, and she is bringing the energy decked out in a cat meme shirt and Hello Kitty pants. Clearly, she knows that us cat owners are going to be using these glasses to record that cat twirling meme all over TikTok.

So there’s the AR.

Zuck just mentioned that a software update will come to the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses that sort of turns them into a true AR device... even though these glasses themselves don’t have a screen.