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Wes Davis

Wes Davis

Weekend Editor

Wes Davis is The Verge’s weekend editor, reporting on the latest developments in tech and entertainment. He’s specialized in covering smart home and Wi-Fi routers, and has also written about gaming, home entertainment, movies, and more. You can find him published at PC World, Gizmodo, CNN Underscored, Tom’s (both Hardware and Guide), and other places.

Outside of tech, Wes is a longtime cyclist (commuting, not racing) and musician. He likes ridiculous bicycles and once opened for The Village People while fronting an ELO tribute band. It was weird. But fun.

It’s-a me, Mac OS!

I’ve always said someone should run Mac OS on a Nintendo DS Lite, and thankfully, I’m not the only one who thinks so.

What it’s like to make an app for the Vision Pro.

In this interview for the Voices of VR podcast, Apollo developer Christian Selig shares his experience creating Juno, an unofficial YouTube player he created for the Vision Pro in only a week’s time.

Despite the small number of people who own the headset, he says he’s earned enough from it to buy “multiple” Vision Pros.

Reduce, reuse, recycle: the Ubiquitree.

Here’s something you can do with that dozen or so obsolete Ubiquiti access points you’ve got shoved in your junk drawer.

“Machines don’t get tired.”

So said TSA executive director of checkpoint tech Melissa Conley of airports’ use of facial recognition, in a New York Times story today.

70 percent of worldwide airlines may use biometric security by 2026 according to a report cited in the article. Yet the ACLU told the Times the tech still presents surveillance and discrimination concerns. That’s not to mention it could fail to work for tens of thousands of travelers every day.

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At Apple, 18 of 23 Jony Ive-era industrial design team members have left.

That’s according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, who writes in his Power On newsletter today that the recent departure of Bart Andre leaves just five of the company’s old-guard product design team.

While many of those have gone to work with Ive at his company LoveFrom, he wrote, Andre, who started at Apple in 1992, is retiring from the biz.