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Wes Davis

Wes Davis

Weekend Editor

Wes Davis is The Verge’s weekend editor, reporting on the latest developments in tech and entertainment. He’s specialized in covering smart home and Wi-Fi routers, and has also written about gaming, home entertainment, movies, and more. You can find him published at PC World, Gizmodo, CNN Underscored, Tom’s (both Hardware and Guide), and other places.

Outside of tech, Wes is a longtime cyclist (commuting, not racing) and musician. He likes ridiculous bicycles and once opened for The Village People while fronting an ELO tribute band. It was weird. But fun.

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Are BMW wireless chargers breaking iPhone 15 Pro NFC readers?

Over the weekend, MacRumors reported that several commenters on its forums complained that their iPhone 15 Pro NFC chips were dying after sitting on their BMWs’ wireless charging pads.

We reached out to both Apple and BMW to see if there was any reason to believe that’s possible, and Jay Hanson, a spokesperson for BMW’s product and technology group, replied via email:

We’re looking into this ... We’ll get back in touch as soon as we have something.

Apple has not yet responded. Hopefully, we’ll know more soon.

We love a good home screen.

Inspired by X CEO Linda Yaccarino flashing her home screen during her Code Conference interview, many of my colleagues at The Verge have been sharing their own home screens on Threads.

The fools! Now I’ve collected them and put them into a gallery here for all to see. (Don’t worry, I included my own.)

Anyway, did you get in on this bit? Share a link to yours in the comments! Or don’t. I’m not your boss.

A screenshot of an iPhone homescreen.


Alex Cranz loves weather.
Screenshot: Alex Cranz
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The police chief who raided a Kansas newspaper’s office has been suspended.

The Associated Press reported that Marion, Kansas Mayor Dave Mayfield confirmed he had suspended police Chief Gideon Cody over a month after Marion police returned materials they’d taken in a raid of the local Marion County Record newspaper.

Mayor Mayfield hasn’t offered an explanation, according to AP.

New Marimba ringtone just dropped.

Drummer James Edge got down on Apple’s “Marimba” ringtone in this TikTok, and it’s now the soundtrack for the rest of my work day.

And as a bonus, here he is doing Toe Jam & Earl, too.