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Phone Cases

Our phone case choices now say as much about us as our smartphones do. Do you go for the rugged protective cases, the more practical in-betweens, or just plain frivolous? Let us help you find the best case for you.

Google teams up with artist Jeff Koons for limited-edition Nexus phone cases

Tesla is selling iPhone cases made from leftover seat leather

What happened to Apple design?

The Figment iPhone case is also a VR viewer

The Nexpaq modular smartphone case will let you add lasers to your mobile

This case puts an E Ink display on the back of your iPhone

Mophie might have made this year's best Super Bowl ad

Pinc is a whimsical VR iPhone case that tracks your hands

I tased myself with an iPhone case

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What would the perfect phone case be?

We Found Fur In an iPhone Case: How a little bunny brightened a dark day at CES

Canopy's Sensus touch-enabled iPhone case offers ten extra points of input (hands-on)

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Minimalist iPhone cases

iCache Geode hands-on: an iPhone case to replace your wallet

iPhone case designs based on classic skateboards

Bulletproof case keeps your iPhone safe for $650