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Lime launches its new electric bikes in Washington, DC as part of $50 million blitz

Ford’s e-scooter company is pulling out of any city that doesn’t limit competition

Peloton rival Echelon’s new connected bike is fit for the club

Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle brand LiveWire is merging with a SPAC to go public

Citing fires, London’s transport agency bans e-scooters on public transit network

The e-bike revolution comes to the Bronx

Miami rescinds its short-lived ban on shared electric scooters

Porsche acquires a majority stake in high-end electric bike maker Greyp

Miami commission votes to banish electric scooters from its streets

Cowboy will send someone to wash your e-bike and fix flat tires, for a price

Juiced’s new fat-tire electric bike targets a younger generation of riders

Lime raises over $500 million, confirms plans to take its electric scooter company public

New Biden plan would give e-bike buyers up to $1,500 in tax credits

Rad Power Bikes overtakes VanMoof to become the ‘most funded’ e-bike company

The new Onewheel GT can travel 32 miles on a single charge

Cowboy 3 electric bike review: better safe than sporty

Bird’s scooters will now emit annoying beeps when you drive on the sidewalk

VanMoof’s new V e-bike is its fastest ever

Fast and furious

E-bike maker Cowboy finally moseys its way to the US from Europe

Unagi reveals ‘Model Eleven,’ an electric scooter that plays music, avoids potholes, and looks incredible

Rad Power Bikes’ new RadCity e-bike makes commuting (and hill climbing) much easier

Specialized’s next-generation Turbo e-bikes are basically computers on wheels

Harley-Davidson’s stunning vintage-inspired electric bikes are going on sale

Electric scooter startup Gogoro is going public

Tern GSD S10 LX electric cargo bike review: no more excuses

Revolt of the delivery workers

Exploited by apps. Attacked by thieves. Unprotected by police. New York City’s 65,000 bikers have only themselves to count on.

BMW’s e-bike concepts are motorcycles outside the city, bicycles within

The Fiido X folding e-bike: what a difference a year makes

BMW’s new CE 02 mini-bike concept is electric

This chainless drive system could revolutionize e-bike designs 

VanMoof raises $128M to become ‘most funded e-bike company in the world’

Best Buy is now selling electric bikes, scooters, and mopeds — in store and online