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Bitcoin is the world's first and most popular cryptocurrency with many siblings like ethereum, litecoin, and monero vying for the top spot. Invented by the unknown entity Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, bitcoin has since grown exponentially and began spiking in 2017 as prices reached as high as $20,000. As prices continue to be extremely volatile, bitcoin's novelty has yet to wear off. With other digital currencies on the rise, bitcoin remains one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies in this financial craze.

Feds indict ‘The Bull’ for selling insider trading info on the dark web

Square is going to make a hardware wallet for bitcoin

Square will invest $5 million to build solar-powered bitcoin mining facility

Renewable energy won’t make Elon Musk love bitcoin again

Tesla stops taking Bitcoin for vehicle purchases, citing environmental harm

Coinbase now lets you buy cryptocurrency with your PayPal account

Feds arrest founder of bitcoin ‘mixer’ they say laundered $335 million over ten years

Coinbase is on the Nasdaq, in case you want to bet on cryptocurrency using dollars

Could a ‘Crypto Climate Accord’ erase cryptocurrencies’ carbon footprint?

A bull and a bear on bitcoin

Professor Steve Hanke and investor Nic Carter on the two sides of the bitcoin debate

Jack wants the entire world to know he’s got a bitcoin clock

You can now buy a Tesla with bitcoin in the US

Coinbase reveals $1.2 billion revenue in plans to go public

Twitter CEO partners with Jay-Z on $23M bitcoin development fund

Tesla’s $1.5 billion bitcoin purchase clashes with its environmental aspirations

Tesla to accept bitcoin as payment in ‘near future’ after $1.5 billion investment

A German man is keeping $60 million in bitcoin from police by never revealing his password

Jack Dorsey says proposed cryptocurrency regulation would create ‘perverse incentives’

Congratulations, the US got you cryptocurrency regulation for Christmas

Coinbase launches its cryptocurrency Visa debit card in the US

PayPal and Venmo will offer and accept cryptocurrency for all online payments

Square buys $50 million in bitcoin as part of larger investment in cryptocurrency

Twitter’s massive attack: What we know after Apple, Biden, Obama, Musk, and others tweeted a bitcoin scam

Update: Wednesday’s Twitter attack is now being investigated by numerous law enforcement agencies

Chinese nationals helped North Korea launder stolen cryptocurrency, US officials say

DOJ charges Ohio man with laundering over $300 million via bitcoin

Amber Baldet on what blockchain technology can do for us beyond cryptocurrency

Bitpoint cryptocurrency exchange loses $32 million in hack

Angry mob burns down home of suspected Bitcoin swindler

Trump apparently knows what Bitcoin is, and he doesn’t like it

Bitcoin consumes more energy than Switzerland, according to new estimate

You can now pay your AT&T bills using cryptocurrency

Flexa will let you pay at Whole Foods using your bitcoin