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BlackBerry Curve 9380 now on Telus

The all-touch BlackBerry Curve 9380 is now shipping from Canadian carrier Telus.

BlackBerry Curve 9380
BlackBerry Curve 9380

After appearing in the Telus winter catalog earlier this month, the BlackBerry Curve 9380 is now shipping from the Canadian carrier. The 3.2-inch all-touch smartphone is priced at $49.99 with a three-year contract or $369.99 without one, and the Telus and BlackBerry sites confirm its 480 x 360 screen, 806MHz processor, 512MB of RAM, and 5-megapixel camera. Sadly, the Telus version of the 9380 only comes with 512MB of internal storage, not 1GB as previously announced, although it does include a 2GB microSD card.